Bellfield with a Ford Escort in June 1996

Levi Bellfield in June 1996 - one month before the crime. Notice the "chubby cheeks" and "fashionable, very short, gelled, flicked up, cropped hair".

Levi Bellfield in June 1996 shortly before the Chillenden Murders on 9th July 1996

Levi Bellfield pictured in the spring of 1996.

A number of witnesses saw a beige Ford Escort-style car in the vicinity of the crime scene - a beige medium-sized beige/butterscotch saloon car with headrests, black spoiler, rear mud flaps and a red and black anti-static strip.

Levi Bellfield did drive a beige E-registration 1987 Ford Sapphire in the summer of 1996 which belonged to his partner Johanna Collings. It was subsequently reported stolen by Bellfield and found burnt out at a roundabout. Bellfield would report his cars 'stolen' following a crime.

1987 Ford Sapphire

1987 Ford Sapphire showing typical spoiler on boot.

An E registration 1987 beige Ford Saphire was driven by Bellfield in the summer of 1996.  The model can be mistaken for a Ford Escort, as described by witnesses.

An advert for a beige 1987 Ford  Sapphire is shown below. NOTE: Many versions of this model had a spoiler on the rear boot.



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