Is this the face of Megan's killer?

News of the World - London Jul 6, 1997; Sara Gaines; p. 17

Startling new clues to the brutal killer of Lin and Megan Russell
have been unearthed by a top psychic criminologist.

Nella Jones believes she knows the identity and the face of the man who butchered doctor's wife Lin, 45, and daughter Megan, six, a year ago.

Nella - who helped police in the Yorkshire Ripper and Fred West cases - says the killer lives in Orpington, Kent, only about an hour's drive away from where the savage attack took place. Her description of the man is close to one issued by police.

She believes he is stocky and thick set, with short fair hair and blue eyes.

"I know he works as a builder or a scaffolder. His hair is thinning and his front teeth are rotten or missing. He has a gold ring on his left hand, with a square face and a chain design on it.  I think he has a tattoo on his left arm. It's brightly coloured and looks like the tail of a dragon.   He drives a white van. I believe he's married with children of his own." Nella, 65, said.

Lin was walking daughters Megan and Josie home from school in the Kent village of Chillenden when they were attacked. Only Josie, now 10, survived - and is now slowly recovering her memory.

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Levi Bellfield's tattoo with the 'tail of a dragon'.
Levi Bellfield's "brightly coloured tattoo with the tail of a dragon."